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Do I need to know how to check tyre date of manufacture?

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It's important for you to know your tyre date of manufacture and learn more about your tyres. However, does the tyre’s manufacture date guarantee tyre quality, performance and endurance? Read our guide on how to check tyre date of manufacture from tyre codes, and learn about the precautions you can take to help extend your tyres’ lifespan beyond simply buying them brand new. 

Do tyres have an expiration date? 

Tyres are made from rubber, an organic material that naturally degrades over time. 

That’s why Michelin recommends retiring all our tyres 10 years from the tyre date of manufacture. Using your tyres beyond this precautionary time limit may significantly reduce their safety and durability. 

You can find the tyre date of manufacture by reading the codes (or markings) on a tyre sidewall.

How to read tyre codes 

Every tyre is marked with numbers and digits, also known as DOT codes. A DOT code certifies that your tyre meets the U.S. Department of Transportation’s safety standards.  

To find your tyre’s production date, check the last four digits on the DOT code. The first two digits designate the week, and the last twodigits show the year of production.  

date code

So, for example, if the tyre date code is 4714, that means the tyre was manufactured in the 47th week of the year 2014.

Are newly-made tyres better? 

A common misconception is that the only tyres you should buy are those within 1 year of the manufacturing date. However, freshly made tyres aren’t automatically better than than those manufactured two years prior.  

Generally, tyres bought 1-2 years after the manufacture date are still considered new. Studies conducted in Korea, Germany and Saudi Arabia have shown that there is negligible difference in performance between newly manufactured tyres and those that have been correctly stores for three years. In fact, when stored properly, most tyres retain the same qualities for performance and durability for up to 5 years.

How do I know if my tyres are still safe to use? 

Tyre codes and DOT numbers only tell half the story. When your tyre expires depends largely on the amount of damage it’s taken due to heat, load, wear and tear, and potential accidents.  

Staying safe on the roads means knowing a lot of things about your tyres – not just the tyre manufacture date. Keep an eye for signs of use and degradation, especially the tyre wear indicators on your tyre tread.  

You can help extend your tyre’s lifespan by doing the following: 

Before installing your wheels 

Always check the condition of your tyres before installing them on your car, even if the tyre manufacture date was less than a year ago. Inspect carefully for degradation due to heat, poor care, or incorrect storage. 

Tyres should always be stored properly in a dry place out of direct sunlight to avoid cracking or loss of shape. 

After installing your wheels  

Several factors can cause your tyresto deteriorate sooner than the expected expiration date. To preserve your tyre’s performance and safety for longer, you should consistently: 


You should also routinely inspect your tyres for damage, brittleness, and wear and tear. Your tyre wear indicator will show you whether the tread wear is still within the recommended threshold.  

If your tyre sidewall has encountered damage, or if your tyre tread is less than 1.6mm high, it’s time for a tyre replacement. It is safer for you, your passengers and everyone else you encounter on the road to find the closest authorised dealer for the best tyre replacement Singapore offers

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What to do after learning how to read tyre date of manufacture

The DOT codes on your car tyre can tell you a lot about it, beyond the tyre date of manufacture. Once you know how to read tyre date of manufacture, you can learn a lot about how long your tyres last and how to take better care of them. And, if it’s time for a tyre replacement, use our tyre dealer finder to find the nearest authorised Michelin dealer.

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