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Michelin Innovation: taking up the challenge of electromobility

Have you been considering whether to buy an electric car? Well, you are not the only one! In 2027, nearly 40% of newly registered vehicles will be electric, that’s three times more than in 2022. The automotive ecosystem - which Michelin belongs to - is experiencing a full-scale revolution. At Michelin, we are putting our tyre expertise and innovative power to work for you - so that the cities we live in gradually become more decarbonized. Check out some of the many solutions Michelin has to offer.

Michelin has been developing innovative mobility solutions for more than 100 years now. Michelin products and services surpass customers’ expectations while limiting environmental impact. As early as 1899, Michelin was already developing tyres for an electric vehicle - the “Jamais Contente”, the first car to beat the 100 km/h speed record. Since then, from the first radial tyres to the MICHELIN EnergyTM Saver, Michelin has been innovating non-stop to create tyres which emit less CO2, consume fewer resources, last longer and have a smaller carbon footprint. Today, more than ever, sustainable development is the driving force behind Michelin’s mission and its product and service offering.

Michelin, pioneer and technological leader in tyres for electric cars

Electric vehicles are tough on tyres. Battery weight, high torque, regenerative braking, range, low noise level - the need to factor in all these specific EV characteristics means that consumers and automotive manufacturers are increasingly turning their attention to the tyres. Higher and higher tyre performance is required in terms of lifespan, energy efficiency, load capacity and comfort and Michelin is aiming for excellence in all of them.  

  • Rolling resistance 

To optimise battery range, electric vehicles need tyres with low rolling resistance, a field in which Michelin’s innovation and leadership is recognised. Michelin has succeeded in increasing the energy efficiency of its passenger car tyres by 20% in the past twenty years with no compromise on safety or longevity(1).  

Electric vehicle
electric mobility
  • Lifespan 

Electric vehicles are synonymous with high torque, regenerative braking and heavy batteries. These factors inevitably influence the lifespan and performance of the tyres over time, another field where Michelin has always been a pioneer. “Long lasting performance(2) illustrates MICHELIN’s commitment to manufacture tyres that last while offering excellent performance over time to avoid premature tyre replacement. 

  • Load capacity  

Electric vehicles are heavier due to the weight of the batteries. Michelin supplies tyres which have the same dimension or a larger diameter but offer a higher load capacity. Michelin has also launched the Selfseal tyre which repairs itself in the event of a puncture thereby saving on the added weight of a spare tyre. 

  • Noise  

MICHELIN Acoustic technology contributes to reducing interior noise caused by the tyres thanks to a polyurethane foam ring inside the tyre - this is a major benefit for electric vehicles with their silent engines.  

Michelin - a trusted partner

Over and above actual tyre performance, Michelin is committed to limiting the impact of its products throughout their entire lifecycle. This sustainable approach makes the Group the preferred partner of automotive manufacturers. Michelin can boast almost 300 homologations on electric vehicles, partnering with more than 50 brands worldwide(3).  

As electric vehicles are much more connected, Michelin can also claim leadership in predictive maintenance solutions with onboard algorithms. In fact, in 2021, Michelin was the first manufacturer to release a connected tyre with an integrated sensor.  

Tyres which make all the difference for electric cars

Thanks to over twenty years of investment, all MICHELIN tyres are suitable for use on electric cars. Here are two examples of MICHELIN tyres for your electric vehicle: 

MICHELIN e.Primacy

For electric vehicle drivers, the MICHELIN e.Primacy offers 7% increased battery range(4)

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The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV is an eco-designed tyre which offers a quiet and enjoyable ride combined with long-lasting control for electric sports cars.


(1) - Source: Michelin 2022 universal registration document

(2) - The following ranges are designed to offer a long lifespan and longlasting performance: MICHELIN CrossClimate², MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 SUV, MICHELIN Primacy 4+, MICHELIN e.Primacy, MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S, MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5, MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV, MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 SUV,  MICHELIN Alpin 6 and MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 5.

(3) - Source: Michelin Automotive Original Equipment Department (2023)

(4) - When new, the MICHELIN e·PRIMACY generates on average 2 kg/t less rolling resistance than its competitors, i.e. a fuel saving of up to 0.21 l/100 km for a VW Golf 7 1.5 TSI, or an extra 7% range for a VW e.Golf on dimension 205/55 R16 91V, comparing MICHELIN e.PRIMACY (new: 5.58kg/t) versus MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 (new: 7.74kg/t); BRIDGESTONE TURANZA T005 (new: 7.17kg/t); CONTINENTAL ECOCONTACT 6 (new: 6.39kg/t); CONTINENTAL PREMIUM CONTACT 6 (new: 8.93kg/t); DUNLOP BLURESPONSE (new: 7.97kg/t); GOODYEAR EFFICIENT GRIP 2 (new: 7.01kg/t); PIRELLI CINTURATO P7 BLUE (new: 6.96kg/t); PIRELLI CINTURATO P7 (new: 8.79kg/t).

“Energy consumption” refers to petroleum fuel for combustion engine and hybrid vehicles and electricity for electric vehicles.


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