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Crossing borders, exploring new territories, taking the plunge into the unknown – this requires courage and genuine passion.
It’s this very passion that drives Mercedes-AMG and Michelin, as innovators in their field, to challenge the status quo and consistently pursue their vision of mobility. It doesn’t matter whether it’s extraordinary sports cars and performance vehicles or tyres.

Mercedes-AMG & Michelin

The continuous quest for ultimate quality and perfection unites the two partners.
Together, we’re putting our vision of mobility on the road.

Michelin develops marked tyres for Mercedes-AMG

MO1 - MO2 or MO1-A marked MICHELIN tyres are designed specifically by Michelin engineers in close collaboration with Mercedes-AMG. When it comes to developing high-performance tyres, they use their expertise to select the best technologies and materials as a function of the individual characteristics of each car model, thereby ensuring superior performance and ride comfort, and a truly unique driving experience!

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