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Choosing the right tyres is more important than many people realise. They keep your car running efficiently. Even more importantly, they keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Here at Michelin, we pride ourselves on supplying the best tyres for all vehicles and all road conditions. We manufacture and fit tyres for vans and SUVs as well as every type of car. Our understanding of your vehicle’s needs is what has given us our reputation as one of the world’s most trusted tyre brands.

We can provide and fit car tyres to suit every type of terrain. Our off-road range will help you get the most out of your SUV, no matter what conditions you’re driving in. We even offer a sports and performance range to help improve your speed and handling on and off the track. Use our tyre search tool and view a wide selection of tyres online in Singapore. From tyre sizes, to tyre prices, this will provide you with a greater understanding on what tyres to buy.

Choosing Michelin tyres means you are choosing tyres that are manufactured to the highest safety standards by experienced professionals who care. We will also fit your tyres correctly at any of our tyre shops.

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