Prestigious car makers (Mercedes-AMGPorscheFerrari, Tesla…), motorbike manufacturers (BMW MotorradHarley Davidson…) and bicycle makers (BHMondraker, NukeproofSunn…) rely on MICHELIN tyres to equip their vehicles and offer an optimal driving experience.
MICHELIN keeps winning their trust by developing high-tech products and solutions that are ever closer to your needs, to offer you a better life in motion. ​​

Manufacturers trust MICHELIN tyres

MICHELIN works in close collaboration with car, motorbike and bicycle Brands to develop tyres designed specifically for their vehicles. Read the stories...

Tailor-made tyres for uncompromising car Brands

MICHELIN tyres, tyres you can trust

Many cars and motorcycles come equipped with MICHELIN Original Equipment tyres (OE tyres), the result of a long-lasting collaboration between these Brands and MICHELIN.

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