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The Trick to Longer Lasting Tyres

Keeping good tyres on your SUV is imperative to keeping you and your vehicle safe. Having tyres that aren’t safe can have catastrophic circumstances.

Poor tyre maintenance is the main cause of traffic incidents according to the Department of Transport, with this issue causing five times more accidents than faulty brakes which was the next biggest cause. So, how can you ensure peak performance and longer lasting tyres?

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If you find that your car isn’t handling smoothly or gripping the road in wet conditions, it’s likely that you need to change your tyres. This is normally caused due to the tread wearing down. UK law requires a vehicle’s tyres to have a minimum tread of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre. Michelin tyres, however, remain safe right down to this level, which helps assure safety and value for money over the life of the tyre.

This is the most common cause for tyre renewal. However, tyre valves are also extremely important parts to consider when undergoing maintenance work. Often, this area is neglected which effects the overall safety of your vehicle. If there is wear on the valve seal or damaged screw threads, you may find that your tyres fail when travelling at speed. It’s therefore important to check your tyres regularly.

If you use your car often, it’s recommended that you check your tyre pressures in reference to the car manufacturer’s recommended pressure once a month and before any particularly long journeys, adjusting the pressure accordingly. We would also recommended to have your tyres thoroughly inspected at least once each year by a professional, with the average lifespan of a tyre differing depending on your usage, driving habits and road conditions.

If you haven’t replaced your tyres in 10 years after their manufactured date, you should replace them, even if they appear visually sound. To find out your tyre’s manufacturing date, check the “DOT code” on its sidewall.

You can expand your tyre’s lifespan by keeping on top your maintenance, so be extra vigilant and don’t make them an afterthought as not only can it affect your performance, but it can also void your insurance policy. This is because if your tyres aren’t deemed roadworthy if you make a claim, then it’ll affect your eligibility.  

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Fuel efficiency

The above can significantly affect your fuel efficiency too. A poorly sealed valve can reduce the life of your tyre by up to 25% because of constant underinflation which can play a huge part in how fuel efficient your vehicle is. This is because under-inflated tyres can increase your fuel usage by up to 3%, lowering your fuel mileage by approximately 0.2% for each singular psi drop.

The concerning fact is, however, that almost one in three cars are driving with at least one under-inflated tyre.

Other factors which can help tyres enhance your fuel efficiency is due to rolling resistance. This is due to the height and weight of the tyre, as well as the compounds and tread pattern. Generally, lighter and smaller tyres are more fuel efficient, which means for SUVs, the choice of tyre is extremely important and you should consider buying premium, for leading compound technologies that contribute to greater fuel efficiency and longer lasting performance.

Driving habits

Your driving habits also play a huge role in the life of your tyres. To improve the life of your tyres and to keep the tread looking as healthy as possible, you should travel at speeds within the confines of the law, but, also adopt good driving habits which include, responsible acceleration, braking and cornering to avoid unnecessary pressure. All of these factors will decrease the number of miles your tyres can travel as it puts them under more stress and makes them need to work harder.

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Choose the right tyre for your car

Choosing the right for your vehicle — an SUV in this case — will have a larger impact than you may immediately think. Long-lasting performance — which Michelin defines as making tyres designed to deliver industry-leading performances throughout the life of the tyre — is a critical issue for both you and the sustainability of the planet. A lack of understanding of long-lasting performance is not just a safety issue, but it can also harm the environment and your wallet!

Research conducted in the US by Ernst & Young, shows that early removal of well-maintained tyres from cars wastes about 400 million tyres per year worldwide. It's costly, too — forcing the average driver to buy the equivalent of one additional new tyre every two years. In fact, removing tyres prematurely costs drivers more than $25 billion globally, accounting for increased fuel consumption and unnecessary tyre purchases.  Below is a quick  example of a well-suited tyre for the model of SUV:



Audi Q2



CrossClimate SUV

Mercedes GLC

Pilot Sport 4 SUV

Toyota Land Cruiser

Latitude Cross

Overall, it’s crucial that no matter what vehicle you have, be it a saloon or SUV, you keep on top of maintenance of your tyres as well as choosing the correct type for your model.

In the future…

Michelin and GM have recently announced a joint research agreement in which they are in the process of launching their ‘air free’ tyre. This is set to help in sustainable mobility. The Uptis tyre is anticipated to be available in 2024 and will allow drivers to feel safer on the road thanks to the elimination of flat tyres and blowouts due to its puncture-proof technology. It works by taking an aluminium wheel assembly and wrapping it in a composite material which has mixed rubber and high-strength resin embedded fiberglass.

So, watch this space!



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