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Looking for new tyres for your car? Discover the MICHELIN passenger car tyres. We design passenger car tyres so that you can make the most of your driving experience, whether you're commuting or travelling. The latest MICHELIN passenger car tyres are designed to deliver high standard of performance up until their legal wear limit (1) and keep you safe and in control on the road. Find yours.

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MICHELIN e·PRIMACY: for electric, hybrid or low fuel consumption vehicles.

  • summer
  • Suitable for EV

Get the most from your driving experience with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 tyre.

  • summer
  • Suitable for EV

Ultimate track performance made to last.

Electrified road control made to last.

  • summer
  • Suitable for EV

A tyre that gives exceptional performance for drivers demanding precise sports handling. Original equipment tyre on the world's most renowned sports cars.

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