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Safety and longevity.

With its excellent performance on wet roads[1], the MICHELIN Primacy 3 summer tyre was awarded by ADAC as best in its category in 2015 and 2018[7].

  • MICHELIN's premium summer road tyre
  • Excellent performance on wet roads[1]
  • Award winning summer road tyre[2][7]


Excellent performance on wet roads ensures safe driving on rainy days in summer[1].

Auto-blocking sipe technology, along with a patented rubber tread compound, combine to produce excellent performance on wet roads[1]. The MICHELIN Primacy 3 summer tyre gives you and your passengers safe and comfortable driving on daily commutes or long road trips. Premium wet performance from a premium tyre. 

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High longevity[2]. 

The MICHELIN Primacy 3 tyre offers high longevity[2] due to a very abrasion resistant compound and an optimized Contact Patch, which distributes tyre pressure and heat more evenly to allow more mileage. Be the driver who enjoys more miles on the road this summer. 

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46 sizes available for MICHELIN PRIMACY 3


(1) - wet braking performance - MICHELIN Primacy 3 is rated "A" or "B" on the Wet Grip Item of the European labelling scale.

(2) - high longevity - MICHELIN Primacy 3 tyre was awarded with the best note in longevity  in the comparative test done by ADAC  on dimension 205/55 R16 91V, published in February 2015 and February 2018.

(3) - MICHELIN Primacy 4 better longevity than predecessors - Test conducted by DEKRA TEST CENTER, on Michelin's request, June-July 2017, on dimension 225/45 R17 94W on VW Golf 7 comparing MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 tyre versus MICHELIN Primacy 3 tyre. MICHELIN Primacy 4 tyre is 20% better than MICHELIN Primacy 3 tyre.

(4) - wet braking performance Primacy 4 - MICHELIN Primacy 4 is rated "A" or "B" on the Wet Grip Item of the European labelling scale.

(5) - long-lasting performance Primacy 4 - New and Worn (worn means worn on machine (buffed) to the depth of Tread Wear Indicator according to European regulation for Tread wear indicator ECE R30r03f), on 205/55 R16 91V MICHELIN PRIMACY 4, is above the R117 European regulation wet grip threshold. Last km being understood as until the minimum legal tread depth (1.6 mm). Please refer to the minimum legal tread depth in your country.

(6)  - MICHELIN Primacy 4 fuel efficiency - Rolling Resistance test conducted by TÜV SÜV Product Service, on Michelin's request, June-July 2017, on dimension 225/45 R17 94W. MICHELIN Primacy 4 generates 11% rolling resistance less than MICHELIN Primacy 3 tyre.

(7) - awarded by ADAC - MICHELIN Primacy 3 has been awarded as "Good" by ADAC in 2015 and 2018 in 205/55 R16.

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