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MICHELIN Multi-Life truck tyre solutions

Maximising Fleet Benefits

MICHELIN Multi-Life 

Why choose MICHELIN Multi-Life Solutions?

“MICHELIN Multi-Life” is the result of a comprehensive approach starting from tyre conception and design, and integrated at every stage of manufacturing and testing process. MICHELIN Multi-Life Tyres and Services provide you the highest standards of reliability at every stage of tyre life, new, regroove and retread.

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- A MICHELIN Retread on a MICHELIN casing can deliver up to 90% of new tyre performance at a fraction of the cost.

- MICHELIN Retreading provides technical expertise to re-manufacture your casing to compliment your Multi-Life strategy.

- A variety of MICHELIN tread designs* adds flexibility to your tyre management program.

*Consult your Michelin dealer for more details


MICHELIN Truck and Bus Tyres are engineered for Multi-Life= Regroovable and Retreadable!

- More Mileage: save 1 tyre every 4!

Regrooving is carried out at a time when the original tread depth has 3 to 4 mm remaining and the tyre is normally removed. Regrooving restores tread depth thus providing up to 25% more kilometers.

- More Safety through grip regeneration 

Regrooving significantly renews the grip of the tyre through the regeneration of the groove up to 4 mm beyond the original bottom of the groove.

- Less Fuel Consumption and less CO2 emissions

Regrooving is carried out in the phase when the tyre has the lowest rolling resistance due to higher rigidity of the shallow tread pattern, and Low Rolling Resistance means Increased Fuel Efficiency.

- Less Raw Materials Consumption to preserve the environment

By adding only 5% additional rubber volume when the tyre is new, a Michelin Regroovable tyre will add up to 25% more kilometers which creates a 16% reduction in raw materials when compared to non-regroovable tyres.

Download our Regrooving Manual