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Welcome to Michelin Singapore. As pioneers in the field of tyre technology we are renowned for producing tyres that have superior grip, are long-wearing as well as comfortable.

Tested in varying environments from off roads to deserts to some of the most demanding tarmac circuits, Michelin tyres are created with the latest technologies to keep your vehicle running for thousands of kilometers.

Every inch of our tyres undergoes rigorous testing and quality controls to ensure you get only the best. Michelin overriding philosophy is to ensure customer satisfaction with our tyres, which is why our tyres are constantly developed with our consumers foremost in our minds. 

Our tyres are employed in some of the toughest conditions worldwide, and our research centres are constantly evolving our tyres, all to ensure that the final product stands to the rigours of the road, dirt track, or race circuits. We are also the top choice among car manufacturers as their OEM tyres – a testament of our quality, innovation and our unsurpassed tyre technology.

Being around for more than a hundred years has its advantages. We produce a wide variety of tyres, clocking 190 million tyres a years for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks as well as two-wheelers. Having operations and research centres across the globe allows us to fine-tune our tyres to the local markets, ensuring nothing is left to chance. More than anyone we understand the relationship between tyres and vehicles, and for more than a hundred years have been imparting this knowledge to our customers worldwide.

Our tyre selector tool can provide you with all the right information regarding our tyres. Making the right choice for your vehicle has never been easier. We believe the customer should have all the relevant information in making a choice for their vehicle.

With our wide network of tyre dealers in Singapore, one is never far away. You can browse the locations, and visit any of them with peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is in capable hands. With professional equipment a tyre change is now a breeze. However more than that Michelin also believes we should meet and exceed customers’ satisfaction in our products and services.