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Reviews By Google

Viwen Chee

Very friendly staff and are always helpful. The owner however is a little grumpy with a always moody face. Price is reasonable.

YekSoon Lok

Soon tyres is my choice shop to change tyres. They are reliable and provide great service.

Raymond Yee

Maybe the place is a little difficult to find for 1st time buyers but service was fast, team was professional and courteous. Prices were good.

MJ Sim

Got a nail in my tyre and went to Soon Tyre for help as some other shop nearby refused to do the repair because it was raining heavily. The staff attended to me promptly and got the repair done in the heavy rain. They even provided shelter to car owners with umbrellas. Extremely professional people and deserving of 5 stars rating!


Low quality small shop. They went and grinded my rims without asking for no reason. Why would you do that? If trying to remove scratches, should have asked. They just created a big ugly scratch. Jack up car on four hydraulic jacks with no stand while they spend 40 min changing tires. Unsafe. Workers looked grumpy and miserable.

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