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Reviews By Google

wee yang tan

Great place to visit. Purchased Michelin tyres from them and good service throughout. Catered to our car every need and showed me the year without me asking for it. Kudos

Justin He

Daryl and his workers keep insisting sidewall damage is fine and did not inform me when I instructed them to check after going back to them to replace a puncture. Luckily I went to service my car 2 weeks later and the other car workshop I did oil change and checks at found the sidewall damage. Went back with the tyres I got from them and there was no apology, Daryl just insist that it's my problem and obviously my business is not worth his time. Things are cheap here, and ethics questionable. Service at your own risk.

TM Koh

Good and honest service. Not pushy. Good range if tyres from value for money to premium brands.

Alfred Tan

Good service from them. Bought 4 x Yokohama V552 from them and top notch experience in this outlet. Will patronise them again.

James Tan

Great place to get my tyres fitted. Process was quick and fast. Know what you want before heading down and confirm price with Daryl first. Installation time about 20mins on off peak hours.

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