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Andrew Toh

One of the Best Tyre Shops in Singapore. Been going to either of their outlets for many many years. You can be sure to find friendly, helpful and good service. From repairing a puncture to replacing tyres and rims, you can be reassured they will do a great job!

Ru Jih Wong

Thank you to the uncle / owner of the shop who very kindly helped us figure out what was wrong with my friend's car after we started hearing some noise while driving. He very patiently helped us diagnose the issue and even came for a short ride with us to ensure that the noise wasn't recurring. We wanted to offer him a small fee for his time however he politely declined. To the uncle who helped us yesterday, thank you again for helping us out of your kindness! :)

Gerhard Mayer

Excellent service and knowledgeable owner.

James Yeo

Good Service

Richard Goh

Dealer street view

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