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Low Wilson

I visited your shop at the one opposite SSC sometime in Nov 2011, I remember was a bunch of workers speaking Chinese, could be Malaysians. I was recommended by my neighbour (supposed to be cheap and good), it was after this visit I felt disgusted.  Hope that group no more around. My neigbour told me to go to the boss, but after what has happened, think he also gave up. The man I spoke to at that time was quite a senior man, tall skinny build. The workers told me all my 4 rims warped! All must be changed and cannot put back. What kind of comment was that for an old man driving a car less than 2 years old. Hope that group of people (China or Malaysian) are not around anymore. Just raising some concern.  Thank you.

Toh Kenneth

Good response & ability to solve immediate issues. 👍

Cody Norwood

fast and quick service for a broken radio. radio cost included installation

Jay lee

Chee Wah Wong

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