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Benjamin Toh

Dropped by at lunchtime and got my tires replaced and wheels aligned within half an hour. Called ahead to check tire model availability n price. Boss was friendly and the staff were quick with the work. Would go back again for the next set of changes.

Nigelbx Tan

Visited the shop not long ago. Overall experience was great. Price are reasonable. Staffs are friendly, they shared their knowledge with me, and that's when I felt reassured with their recommendations. Am satisfied with the tyres and rims which I got it from them. Highly recommended.

ian Ho

$50 for car alignment. Uses cover to protect driver seats. Though steering wheel still ended up dirty. Overall good experience still.

Raymond Oh

Value for money, quick service except that after changing tyre, the guys forgot to shine the tyre.

Sham Abdullah

This workshop did not disappoint me. They offer excellent services because 1. Good number of crews on duties 2. Good work ettique where the crews support each other and are willing to work as a team 3. The crews know their products well, they can also quote the prices for the services and / or products they provide. I think this is only possible when you have very good management that trust and empower their staff 4. The prices are very competitive; and 5. Believe it, they are also open on Sundays
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