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Agilis +
  • Commercial Light Truck


  • Commercial Light Truck

For utility vehicles and vans

Save up to 150 litres of fuel (1) 

Product Benefits

Safe driving, with 2 metres shorter braking distance in wet conditions (2).

Plus the robustness of the MICHELIN Agilis tyre range and MICHELIN’s expertise in longevity.


Kerbing Protectors

Damage resistance: Sidewall compound derived from truck tyre technology for abrasion resistance. 8 kerbing protectors provide protection against sidewall damage.

Tread Compound with Silica

Increased safety: Improved wet grip reduces braking distance by 2 metres (2). Improved fuel efficiency: Reduced rolling resistance provides fuel savings of up to 150 litres (1).

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2 sizes available for this tyre


225/65 R16 112R
Width 225
Aspect Ratio 65
Rim Size 16
Load Index 112
Speed Index R
235/65 R16 115R
Width 235
Aspect Ratio 65
Rim Size 16
Load Index 115
Speed Index R
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Legal Mentions

(1) Estimate of average savings with MICHELIN Agilis+ compared to its predecessor, for diesel vehicles, calculated over a distance of 70,000 km and based on rolling resistance tests carried out by TÜV SÜD in 2012 (on 195/65 R 16C 104/102 R).
(2) On average, compared with its predecessor. Wet braking test by TÜV Süd 2012 on 195/65 16C 104/102 R (60-20 km/h).

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