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Reviews By Google

Vincent Ng

BUYER BEWARE, this seller is dishonest. He advertise heavily on carousel for used and discounted tyres. When i asked him for the date of manufacture for the new tyres i wanted he told me it was 15/2017 but when i arrive at the shop it was 34/2014, 5 years old tyres!!!! He was hoping i do not check and once i install the tyres he will tell me its too late. When i confronted him he said its discounted tyres, very cheap already what you want! He made me go all the way there for a wasted trip. All the google reviews are true. Beware, make aure you check before buying anything from him...... I cant believe this guy has any five star reviews.....total scam.

Victor Yap

Change my stock Tyre to primacy 4 today at the old toh tuck outlet. Review on the shop Boss shows no interest to service. Go there only if you are very sure on what you want. Was expecting the staff to explain or recommend their product but no. Primacy 4 Had asked quote from a few suppliers and Yap Brothers is the cheapest. Driving experience improved. Less noise but not significant. Steering wheel feel lighter.

Shujian Goh

Visited their Toh Guan branch today with excitement after reading all the '5 stars' review here. But now, I wonder if these reviews are even genuine. Parked my car in-front of their workshop (if not where else to park)? 2 staff came out with the lost face, asked me: want what? I say I want rim. Uncle asked how many inch, I replied 17". His face and attitude became worst. (I was like, what's wrong with 17"?) The uncle pointed the showcase to me, with a "very can't be bothered attitude". Thereafter, he randomly pointed to me a section and say: 17" The moment I started viewing, he took his phone out and don't know busy with what. (Excuse me, I not trying to be a demanding customer or what. But is it even right to do other stuffs instead of attending to customer?) Asked him questions, he reply to me while looking at phone. Then when I say: Thank you, and leave the shop, IGNORED ME TOTALLY. wow! In short, the experience here is, want to buy, just buy. Else, just get lost. I don't even want to give one star rating for customer service if there is an option for ZERO.

garett koh

Be careful. During payment, the amount was higher than price quoted before installation. Asked why and then was told "prices quoted just now excluding installation". Seriously? Which tyre shop quotes prices without installation? Should have heeded my friends' warning that Mr Yap is dishonest with an attitude problem. Never again.

Feroz Kassim

Ah Yuen is friendly. Great service

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