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Chris Thng

Visited to check tire leak. Discovered tire ok and it was my own tpms problem. Friendly team also did not sell me what i dont need. 👍

Low Wilson

I visited your shop at the one opposite SSC sometime in Nov 2011, I remember was a bunch of workers speaking Chinese, could be Malaysians. I was recommended by my neighbour (supposed to be cheap and good), it was after this visit I felt disgusted.  Hope that group no more around. My neigbour told me to go to the boss, but after what has happened, think he also gave up. The man I spoke to at that time was quite a senior man, tall skinny build. The workers told me all my 4 rims warped! All must be changed and cannot put back. What kind of comment was that for an old man driving a car less than 2 years old. Hope that group of people (China or Malaysian) are not around anymore. Just raising some concern.  Thank you.

yingkhiam toh

Just got my head unit change by them the boss n staff is friendly, reasonable price with good workmanship👍👍👍

Alex Hong

great friendly and fast bunch of guys

Toh Kenneth

Good response & ability to solve immediate issues. 👍
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