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Ky H

Small unassuming shop that if you weren't looking for it, you will miss it. Hard to spot even if you are looking for it. However, cost and service is great. No upselling and that feeling you are on a chopping board. Got a good deal and out in 15 mins with no fuss.

Tom Ngo

Vast array of tyre products. Fast, honest and trustworthy workers. Great place

Uthesh Raja

Very friendly owner. Does not do hard selling and respects your budget. Very good price. I paid $95/pc for Yokohama Bluearth (195/60/15). Some shops quoted me $148/pc.

Super 168

Vry good svc. The boz is nice & friendly i change used tyre.

Bryan Ang

First time going down to the shop even though my family have been going there to buy tyres for ages. Uncle is very friendly and not pushy in buying his tyres. He will check with you on the budget and then recommend you accordingly. I think the pricing is quite good. Definitely the first choice for me from now onwards.

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