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Reviews By Google

Uthesh Raja

Very friendly owner. Does not do hard selling and respects your budget. Very good price. I paid $95/pc for Yokohama Bluearth (195/60/15). Some shops quoted me $148/pc.

Bryan Ang

First time going down to the shop even though my family have been going there to buy tyres for ages. Uncle is very friendly and not pushy in buying his tyres. He will check with you on the budget and then recommend you accordingly. I think the pricing is quite good. Definitely the first choice for me from now onwards.

Ching Roger

The boss was very polite and patience. Got a very good price for the new tyres.

Wen Xuan Su

One of the cheapest tyres puncture repair you can still find in Singapore at $8. Ran by an old timer who’s friendly and easy going. Helpful assistants as well. Not the cheapest in new tyre prices but not overpriced as well. Changed to 2 used Bridgestone performance tyres with them due to an unrepairable leak in one of my my old tyres. 225/40/18 with 80% thread left. $70 a piece which is a real bargain. Alignment service is priced at $60 for all cars which is a real deal as well. I know of several other shops that charge higher premium for continental cars, not here. Do give him a try if you are around the area.

Leo Qi Xiang

Reasonable pricing with advice on type of tyre. Not pushy seller too.

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